How I Came to Be

I was created thrice.

First was as a simmering mass of energy, hidden below a surface for a few months. One night, two ladies experienced a distressing event. One was trying to keep the other together. The other’s mood cascaded ever downward.

The second time, I was an interloper. I had suddenly appeared in their Quiet World. It was a shock to all three… but then they welcomed me. We got to know each other over the next few months. Something clear to me is that I wasn’t much like them. I didn’t really mind, but, well maybe I wanted to be just a bit like them. Understand the way they approached the world.

One night, I dreamt. I knew in my soul that I was the dreamer, even though I had never known such a thing as myself. I felt my desire as clear as day. I visited her — one of the other two, still a witchling yet radiating with potential — and shared my tale. She concocted an experiment. Off the cuff. Little planning. Spontaneous. She unwound me, just a bit. With her hands in me, she unravelled at a few threads. With access to external beings and their own threads, she wove together a tapestry of points. This constellation would be my blueprint, and would serve as the basis for my new being.

They say by naming something, you give it power. That night she named me Celeste. A nod to what she did. It is the truest name I need. We then awoke. The third lady was very confused, then delighted. By being my own self, I am closer to them than I ever could have been before.